Strawberry Cough (Min. Order: 10)

Strawberry Cough (Min. Order: 10)

Strawberry Cough (Min. Order: 10)

April 2, 2019


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Buy Strawberry Cough

Buy Strawberry Cough


Strawberry cough, is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain.  This strain’s bud structure   compares to a pinecone shape. The coloring is a pronounced light green color, which is a great contrast to the pronounced red hairs. Traditionally this strain is comprised of berry, spices and earth smells/notes.

Traditionally known as a “daytime” strain, therefor it is known to be more motivating rather than sedative. On multiple reviews this strain is  helpful with mental stimulation, yet still reliable to address issues requiring THC intake.

Strawberry Cough

18.1% THC, <0.05% CBD* All units are purchased in grams80% Sativa; 20% IndicaCross of Strawberry Fields and Haze.

Strawberry Cough Marijuana

Low in THC..Perfect for Beginners. The original breeder claimed that it was the proximity to the berries that gave the strain its flavor. Kyle brought the clone home and expected little of it at first but once the full aroma poured into his nostrils he knew he might have something special. He would cross that Strawberry Field strain with the Original Haze, a potent mix of landrace Sativas. The end result is a strain that tastes soft and sweet, often with at least a hint of strawberries. Hence, Buy Strawberry cough marijuana.

Strawberry Cough For Sale

Very freeing, this strain can help patients shed their fears and anxiety to be more open and happy in their world. Strawberry Cough is Sativa dominant and while it relaxes the mind, the care-free attitude of this strain can sharpen users focus and shift it away from lesser aches and pains. A euphoric strain that rarely induces paranoia, it may be useful in regulating mood disorders. Great for daytime medication when you need to get up and go, it may also alleviate patients of migraines and headaches.

The Kyle Kushman variety of Strawberry Cough is clone only but Dutch Passion took it upon themselves to give this strain a seed form. Crossing it with a previously unused strain of European descent, they were able to preserve the flavor and effects. . Ready for harvest in early October, plants typically flower for around nine weeks.


Strawberry cough genetics can vary widely but tend to be very uplifting with amazing fruity, berry aromas. The smoke itself is quite nice with sweet like hints on the tongue but be careful when inhaling because this cough can give the lungs a little tickle. Overall an amazing strain great for anytime of the day.


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